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 Blank Clan Sheet

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PostSubject: Blank Clan Sheet   Sat Jan 26, 2008 5:01 pm

Clan Name: (Your clan name, for example: Uchiha, Hyuuga)
Clan Village: (Limited to one village per clan. Exceptions can be made with the permission of an Admin)
Clan Starter: (Person[s] that founded the clan. Can be unknown)
Clan Head: (Person[s] who lead the clan. Can be unknown too)
Clan Age and Status: (Old or young? Respected or loathed? Decide on the clan age and their status in the village/world)
Clan Bloodline: (Name of the clan bloodline, if it has one. For example the Uchiha have the Sharingan)
Clan Element: (Pick and element. Anything you want. Try and base it around your village)
Clan Emblem: (Put a picture here if you have one, or describe it. Keep emblems at a reasonable size please, for slower computers)
Clan Info: (Any info you can give about the clan. Include things such as history, bloodline description, etc)

Clan Specific Techniques: (Special techniques only available to members of the clan)
Clan Skills: (Custom skills your clan has that are not the bloodline)

Bloodline: (The effects of the Bloodline. Get this approved in the Bloodline Creation forum then put it here)
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Blank Clan Sheet
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