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 Blank Character Sheet

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'George Harrison'

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PostSubject: Blank Character Sheet   Sat Jan 26, 2008 4:59 pm

~Character Sheet~


((Starting tips: Please, when you post this character sheet, delete this blurb, along with other things in parenthesis.))


Name: (Character's Name, with surname first)

Village: (What village your character currently works for/lives in.)

Nationality: (Where your character is originally from. This will never change, as opposed to the village slot, which may change.)

Clan: (Your clanís name, and a link to itís page.)

Age: (How old your character is, you can be any age from 9-20)

Gender: (Male or Female, no other choices please...)



-Height: (How tall your character is)
-Weight: (How much your character weighs)
-Hair Color: (What color your characterís hair is)
-Eye Color: (What color your characterís eyes are/eye is/thought to be)
-Clothing: (What your character wears)
-Physical Description: (Body build, skin tone, any scars, etc.)



Background: (Your characters' background. Make it worth it.)



Personality: (What your character is like. What your characters likes. What your characters does not like)


~Ninja Stats~

Rank: ( Gennin, Chunnin, Jounin, Sennin. Each must be respectively earned. When approved you, start as gennin)

Level: (Your characterís current level, this will start off at ZERO)

TXP: (Your total exp. All exp you gain, stacks onto itself)



Jutsus: (You start with 3 Jutsus, which you can get at or the approved jutsus forum)




Village Amulet (This receives no bonus-must be worn SOMEWHERE on your body)



-Main Weapon:
-Sub Weapon:
-Un-equipped Slot one:
-Un-equipped Slot two:
-Un-equipped Slot three:


-Pouch: 3 Shuriken, 3 Kunai, and/or 4 Needles
-Items in Vault: Nothing
-Money on hand: $125


~Update Log~

Leveled up and Exp Earned: (when? where? why? link it please)


~Money Log~(how much money you spent, when, and who approved it)


~Mission Log~

Rank D:
Rank C:
Rank B:
Rank A:
Rank S:

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Blank Character Sheet
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